GPT Sites are the sites offer advertiser promotions and tasks for you to complete to get paid. These sites provide wide varieties of offers for you to complete to get paid including but not limited to – get paid to complete surveys, get paid to try products, get paid to shopping, get paid to sign up, get paid to play games, get paid to click emails or other ads. Some sites are limited and specialized in one categories of offers, many others are comprehensive.

One type of 100% free offers in these sites are: apply for credit cards and get paid upon approval and after your first purchase. These credit card offers are not limited in these GPT sites. You can get cash bonus for opening credit card and bank accounts offered directly from financial institutions without being a member of GPT sites.

Bank bonus offers are less on GPT sites. But if there is one, you will earn double rewards. You earn bonus from the financial institutions and you also get paid from The GPT site who referred you. More often, you can earn bank bonus directly from the financial institutions without being a member of any GPT sites. Rarely you will also find broker promotion offers on GTP sites. Usually you get paid higher from these 3 types of offers on GPT sites.

When you do need to shop for anything you need, you can complete the shopping offers. You usually get paid decently in addition to the cash back reward you earn from the credit card you used for your purchase. For example, you can buy any ink cartridge at (10% off coupon available on via (one of the most reliable GPT sites) and get paid $8 dollar from in addition to the 10% discount. You are usually paid higher than you would if you purchase via a coupon from some coupon sites.



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