Shortly after Joe Biden took the office, he surrendered himself to the Evil Serpent, continued to use the invisible medical technology and invisible weapon to control human physiology and commit crimes, no difference from Trump. He viciously prey on female, raping me using the invisible weapon – the quantum sword – on a daily basis. He also protected the Trump and obstructed justice of my civil and small claims cases arising out of Trump’s burglary and identity theft crime through crippling my cell phone and threatening to kill and intimidating the Judge.

Justice Shall Wipe Out Evil

Vast is the sky, boundless the land.
the Monster usurped power, bottomless the Evil Desire.
Abusing the invisible ‘quantum sword’,
Devouring modern sex slave.
For our democracy, our freedom, Let’s:
United together to fight against Biden.
God must be seeing,
Justice shall wipe out Evil.

-by Hong Gan [original in Chinese]

This website – – originally created to impeach Trump – now was converted to host the content for Prosecuting Trump and for Impeaching and Removing Biden