A website was created exclusively to address this issue: removeevil25.linkhg.com

1/6/13 Travel to China
Theft: ¥100 paper currency,a heayy coat, damage a camera, left with 50% of rest of the tour with no photo.

5/9/15 Travel Abroad
Theft: a kindle fire tablet I just purchased not long ago, blocked making tour and transportation reservations

1/6/18 (time may not be accurate)
Murder: 25 murdered a female (may immigrated from Germany) at the midnight mission. She died overnight using remote technology when the victim was alseep, no one knew it until the next day when the staff at the shelter found her dead.

25 got control of the a local chinese rental hostel and evicted me from the hostel.

threat to kill, the rape case was murdered

hearing for the rape case was murdered

threat to kill outside the post office when drafting and sending a internal complaint to social security for their withholding my social securty payment illegally.

threat to make an accident after filing of the injustice paper. Showcased a terrible accident on the road.

October (exact time unknown)
Murder: 25 killed my aunt – a Chinese citizen – in a car accident. Her intelligence was damaged a little bit becasue of a disease she got when she was young.

Threat to kill – through deploying ‘People’s Liberation Army’ and nuclear weapon – to kill foreign citizen trying to murder the rape case when a Legal Malpractice mail was prepared to send out.

25 gpt control of every chinese in the rental aparment I rented, including the one who rented me the room and virtual rape, insult and damage other people and forced me to move out.